Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pap Pierces Brothers Visit

    Pap and Ma’am Pierce apparently moved to Texas from Tennessee in about nineteen twelve.  Pap and Ma’am didn’t return to Tennessee to visit for almost forty years.  I don’t know how many siblings Pap had, but Ma’am was an only child.  Daddy said Pap’s brothers came to Texas to visit one time.  Daddy was a kid and they were living in Jonah, Texas.  He said they were all big, fat, jolly men.  They were always laughing and joking the entire time they were together.  So, one day while they were visiting, they decided they would all go to town together.  Pap owned a Ford Model-T.  So, they all piled in the Model-T.  They began to try to move but the Model-T wasn’t going any where.  They were so heavy, that the car squatted down until the fenders were touching the tires, therefore preventing the car from moving.  Daddy said the entire family was out in the yard to watch them drive off.  When they saw them sitting in the car, unable to move, they couldn’t stop laughing.  Daddy said Pap and his brothers were laughing harder than anyone. 

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