Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daddy and the Holy Roller Church

     During the great depression and for decades afterward, times were tough and people had to make their own clothes.  It was difficult to find money to buy material to make your own clothes.  So, many flour companies packaged flour in material with different prints and designs that could be made into clothes.  Many people at this time wore clothes made from flour sacks.  One of the companies that packaged their flour, in printed material, was called “Beulah’s Best”. 
     Now daddy was living in Menard, at the time.  This was apparently when he was between marriages.  They were having a tent gospel revival meeting on a vacant lot in the eastern part of the city of Menard.  Now daddy was a lifelong member of the Church of Christ, so this Holy Roller meeting was definitely something he was not used to.  But, for some reason, he decided he would attend the meeting one night.  He said one old gal got so worked up she started to do cartwheels and turn flips.  He said he was setting close to where she was and while she was turning one of these flips, he could see her underwear and it said on her underwear, “Beulah’s Best Flour.”  He told this story many times, and he would laugh and say, “I hope times never get bad enough that we have to wear flour sack drawers.”

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