Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daddy's Trip to Grandpa Trigg's Funeral

     I have written about grandpa Trigg previously.  At some point in his life, he sold his blacksmiths shop in Jonah, Texas, and moved to Garden City, Texas, close to Midland, Texas.  He bought a grocery store.  He had a heart attack and died shortly after moving to Garden City.  He was sixty nine years old at the time of his death.  Daddy and two of his brothers were out on the plains of Texas, picking cotton.  When grandpa Trigg died, they took his body back to Jonah to be buried.  He was actually buried in the Weir cemetery, which is close to Jonah.  Daddy said they were notified that grandpa Trigg had died suddenly.  So, they started making plans to attend.  The only means of transportation they had was an old worn out Model-T.  They began their journey.  They got down between Eden and Paint Rock, Texas, and they had a flat.  They carried everything they needed to repair a flat tire, but a rock had knocked a hole in the tire.  They needed a boot to cover the hole, but they didn’t have one.  They looked around the sides of the road and they found a small piece of tin.  They used the piece of tin as a boot to cover the hole in the tire.  They managed to repair the flat tire and they continued on their journey.  They thought they had it made now.  But, when they got to the hill country, they had another problem.  Low gear was out on the old Model-T.  They could not make it up the hills in high gear.  The first hill they encountered was a long steep hill just north of Eden.  Sure enough they couldn’t make it up this hill.  They tried and tried but it didn’t have enough power to make it up the hill.  So, finally daddy said why don’t we try to back it up the hill, since reverse gear is similar to low gear.  It worked.  Daddy said they encountered more hills and they had to repeat this procedure several times before they finally made it to the funeral.  What determination this generation must have had. 

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