Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pap Pierce's Brothers Visit

Pap and Ma’am Pierce moved to Texas from Tennessee in Nineteen twelve.  Pap and Ma’am did not visit Tennessee again until the early fifties.  Uncle Ches bought a new Cadillac in nineteen fifty.  He decided this would be a good time to take Pap and Ma’am back to Tennessee to visit their folks.  Pap had several brothers and sisters.  Ma’am was an only child.  Up until this time, it had been thirty something years since Pap had seen any of his family.  Daddy said Pap’s brother’s came to Texas once when daddy was a kid.  He said they were living in Jonah, Texas at the time.  He said Pap’s brothers were all big heavyset, jolly men.  When they were together they were always cracking jokes.  They laughed all the time and they kept every one around them laughing.  While they were down visiting, they decided they would all go to town.  Pap owned a Model-T Ford.  So, they all piled in the Model-T.   They were all so fat the car squatted down so badly that the fenders were resting on top of the wheels.  Needless to say, the Model-T didn’t go any place.  Daddy said that they could not stop laughing.  The sight of them trying get the car to move was absolutely hilarious, and Pap and his brothers were laughing harder than any one. 

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